Navigating Uncertain Times

Two local organizations partner with EduNova to support international students during a changing job market.

April 9th, 2020 — Halifax, Nova Scotia

On April 15th, Chantal Brine, CEO of En Point and Karen Furneaux, Olympic athlete and founder of Strong Beauty Tribe and I Promise Performance, will join EduNova, to talk with graduating international students who have come to study in Nova Scotia about building resiliency and navigating changes in their personal and professional lives.

EduNova has created an 6-week series of webinars to support international students focused on career resiliency, self-care, health and wellness, financial literacy, and pathways for moving forward. Mrs. Brine and Mrs. Furneaux will lead the first of the series focused on creating career resiliency.

Furneaux shares, “I believe that staying grounded and present is how we can be our best selves. Resilience is a skill that we can practice but we are, each of us, innately resilient. Resilience practices can help us to sit with, move and manage our emotions and I believe that right now is the perfect time to re-learn that.”

En Point focuses on building confidence, skills and connections through mentorship. Brine explains, ”building resilience is an in demand soft skill. Prior to COVID-19 it’s been noted by RBC, Deloitte and many other consulting companies as being critically important to the future of work.”

She continues, “ more so now than ever, in this ever evolving economic landscape and job environment, it is important to share with international students that despite everything that is happening in the world of work, we still want and need you here in our province. As employers, as a community, and as a province. Joining our long standing partner, EduNova, who has taken the initiative to share this message of hope, and our new partnership with Karen Furneaux, we are excited to begin equipping students with some practical tools to build resilience that will support them not only now, but throughout their careers.

If you are an international student in Nova Scotia, please feel free to join this webinar by clicking the registration link below:


EduNova Co-operative Ltd
EduNova is a co-operative industry association of education and training providers in Nova Scotia, Canada. With an office in the province’s capital city of Halifax, we are the only provincial education and training co-operative in Canada.EduNova’s mandate is to work with members to raise the profile of Nova Scotia’s education and training expertise. EduNova’s focus is on collaborative international recruitment activities and the identification of international project opportunities.

En Point
En Point’s mission is to support one million people to make the right connections at the right stages in their careers. En Point leverages their proprietary software and expertise services to build custom mentorship programs for organizations and institutions.

Karen Furneaux & Strong Beauty Tribe and I Promise Performance
Karen Furneaux is an Olympian, Sports Hall of Fame Athlete and International Speaker. She helps individuals and teams connect to the gold within, through keynotes, workshops and wellness programs. The Strong Beauty Tribe is an online program for young women aged 14–25 who are ready to step into their power and achieve their dreams.

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