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Through a year full of challenges, we at EnPoint wanted to highlight and focus on the positive things this month. Our Marketing and Operations Coordinator, Raf Peligro, sought out the positives and success from within the company by interviewing CEO Chantal Brine, and Client Success and Communications Manager, Julia Brine.

Raf sat down with Chantal and Julia, captain and co-captain of the small-but-mighty EnPoint team, to reflect on their lessons learned, successes in the company and their personal lives, and what they’re excited about in the coming year!

54% of employees will need fundamentally new skills by 2022. What does that mean for employers as we hire new graduates, train existing employees and embrace the ever changing landscape of the future of work?

As the world shifts and a new future of work emerges, one drastically shaped and accelerated by the global pandemic, career expectations have changed dramatically.

In a recent presentation by Commitech and Manulife, the Waterloo Region Future of Work research group, in which they shared some of their learnings, including “young persons graduating today will have 17 different jobs across 5 industries¹ and by 2020 30% of the skills employees use today, they didn’t have a year ago².”

What’s more staggering, “54% of employees will need fundamentally new skills by 2022³.” That statistic means that to be successful, those in…

EnPoint’s “Aha!” Moments

Hubspot’s annual marquee event looked a little bit different this year as INBOUND 2020 was held virtually. Keynote speakers, who consisted of innovative thought leaders and top marketing and tech industry professionals, offered their expertise in the virtual conference’s sessions and workshops.

After attending the event, our team wanted to share key takeaways from standout sessions and the “wow” quotes that stuck with us. It will be no surprise to you that some of what we wanted to highlight has to do with mentorship and how we help others along their journey while living our own. …

Relationships are a pivotal aspect of a meaningful life; Mentor relationships can be some of the most powerful.

Mentorship is a timeless and ageless right of passage. From the beginning of time, human beings have taught and shown each other how to navigate life through shared experience, offering advice, and guidance.

The inspiration and perspective gained during the mentorship experience can help people find and continue to surface both career direction and purpose. The power of the right conversation with the right person can change your whole life.

Recently we sat down with Wayne Crawley, an active mentor to many. Mr. Crawley is a Canadian entrepreneur with over 30 years of business development experience with both public and…

Two local organizations partner with EduNova to support international students during a changing job market.

April 9th, 2020 — Halifax, Nova Scotia

On April 15th, Chantal Brine, CEO of En Point and Karen Furneaux, Olympic athlete and founder of Strong Beauty Tribe and I Promise Performance, will join EduNova, to talk with graduating international students who have come to study in Nova Scotia about building resiliency and navigating changes in their personal and professional lives.

EduNova has created an 6-week series of webinars to support international students focused on career resiliency, self-care, health and wellness, financial literacy, and pathways for…

Professional Development Relationships that Grow with Your Career, and Why You Need Both

At En Point, we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach to mentorship and sponsorship.

At the core, mentorship and sponsorship are relationships, making them highly dynamic professional development tools. Both of these tools are and can be used at different points in your career.

Careers are ever evolving and these types of relationships will evolve with the progression of your career. Different skills, connections, and development are needed; mentors and sponsor relationships will likely reflect our specific needs at the time, and are much more impactful with a specific need or goal in mind.

Given these relationships…

Creating Connections that Matter

Late Fall has been a busy time for the 200+ students in the Atlantic Canada Study and Stay™ program. The International students in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland all participated in the first retreat of the program, designed to bring all the participants together in person. The goal of the first retreat was to introduce students to their respective program curriculums, tasks, coordinators and peers from across the province.

Beginning this fall through to July in each respective Atlantic Canada province, this pre-employment program connects final year (graduating) international students to the labour market, helping them…

84% of students change their career paths before they turn 25, and a LinkedIn study found that millennials will change jobs an average of four times in their first decade out of post-secondary education. Read the three ways mentorship is a strategic and helpful tool that should be available to every student while they make the transition from school to workplace.

Just these two statistics alone, never mind the many others from hiring or job trends reports, show that young people face a different dilemma than past generations; they are faced with an abundance of information when making life-altering decisions at critical times throughout their academic careers.

Having a mentor is an effective way for students to gain clarity on their career goals and create actionable plans to achieve those goals. It is also a tool to increase self-awareness, illuminating strengths and areas for development, as well as increasing self-confidence, which supports professional and personal growth.

In addition, having a mentor…

When you first meet with your mentee, dependant on their previous experience’s, you may find that they are not sure how to start the conversation or relationship. Often times it is best to share your experience’s of how you started and continued to progress in your career; this provides a “starting-point” for conversations that are meaningful.

If after sharing, they are still quiet, here are a couple questions you can consider asking to create an environment where they feel comfortable and willing to share.

Simple introductory questions:

· What program are you in and why?

· Tell me a little…

One of the most frustrating parts of job hunting is applying to job after job and never hearing anything back. When we asked our followers what the hardest part of the job search is, the most common answer was not being able to get an interview. Getting your foot in the door is the hardest part, but there are a few things you can do to increase your chances.

1. Network with the right people

Networking is a source of dread for many. It can be awkward and uncomfortable, but unfortunately it is necessary. Like anything, the more you do…


We harness the power of mentorship to help your employees, athletes and students create a meaningful and intentional career. Visit for more!

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